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[Greg’s] efforts exemplify ASU’s commitment to entrepreneurship that we hope to instill in all of our students.
— Michael Crow; President, Arizona State University
Greg’s ability to connect with any audience is remarkable. He speaks thoughtfully about his experiences in ways that anyone can relate and understand. He is humorous and self-effacing; qualities that pull listeners in and add instant credibility to his remarks. Greg does not approach speaking opportunities as a forum to promote his accomplishments, rather he is genuine in his desire to share his ideas so that others may utilize them and benefit from his experiences.
— Tim Desch; Assistant Dean, W.P. Carey School of Business
Greg is extremely articulate, has a compelling story to share about how a simple idea can take off with the right skill set, and is definitely one of the most creative young people in business.
— Iti Agnihotri; Project Manager, Edson Entrepreneur Initiative
The valuable insights and strategies that Greg conveys to his audiences through his seminars
are instantly relatable. . . . He engages his audiences through interactive activities, thought-provoking questions and take-aways; as he is not there to just “give a talk.” Greg and his innovative speaking engagements already exude many of the qualities which professional speakers take years to master, and yet he conveys leadership and experience today.
— Joe Dugandzic; Communications Admin., Barrett Honors College
Greg’s enthusiastic attitude made him easy and fun to work with, and he connected well with other members, interns, and entrepreneurs. His entrepreneurial experience and knowledge about many aspects of business finance, strategy, operations, and marketing added a fresh perspective to member discussions.
— Kimberly Wiig; Director, Tech Coast Angels
It is a most interesting, enlightening, and helpful presentation, made all the better because it is delivered with Greg’s signature engaging style.
— Nicole Greason; Marketing & Public Relations Manager, Barrett Honors College
The charisma that he displayed while talking about simple topics of attitude, organization, and making connections resonated with the entire classroom. We were able to see a man, not too much older than us, having major success due to how he carried himself and the values he held himself accountable for. This was something we could relate to as young students.
— Yogin Patel; Undergraduate Student & Founder
[Greg’s] passion, his drive, and especially his joy opened a window into the Barrett community for me, and I liked what I saw. Because of Greg, I see an opportunity to thrive, to be challenged, and to succeed.
— Tiffany Lam; Undergraduate Student

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